Release Radar 05/14/21 - Wolf Alice vs Django Django

Release Radar 05/14/21 - Wolf Alice vs Django Django

I wanna live inside your headphones baby/ I wanna live inside a world wherever you are.”- Justin Young

The Vaccines return with a summer jam meant for the open road, with the top down, and the wind in your hair. “Headphones, Baby,” should be playing on every radio for the next three months.

The new Ryan Adams has a touch of Johnny Marr in the guitar and a hint of Morrissey in the vocal phrasing. It’s a little bit of Rock and Roll and a little bit of Heartbreaker. This is the second single in a row that I’ve liked, and I appreciate the direction Adams’ is heading.

The sleeper this week might be Wolf Alice’s “No Hard Feelings.” A softer side of the band appears on this xx-like single that is driven by an intricately plucked bassline, and some somber keys. In this case, less is more.

The Lone Bello continues to put out stunning, soulful pop music. I didn’t even have to look at my phone this morning when I heard their voices coming through the ear buds. Get an earful of “Goodness.”

The Stone Roses are gone for good, so who do we to turn to? Django Django and another one of their quests for “Fools Gold.” This amazing Fimber Bravo Remix of “Kick The Devil Out” is uplifting and spiritual. Fimber Bravo is a masterful steelpan (steel drum or pan) player who takes an already cool tune and raises it to new heights.

“Chunks” is a new vibe, for Juliana Hatfield, that takes some getting used to. Heavy guitars, erratic beats, and lyrics, straight out of a slasher movie. Someone wronged her and she’s ready for revenge: “Someone’s gonna chop you up, into chunks/Put you into garbage bags, And Take you to the dump.”

If the album art for “Don’t Go Putting Wishes In My Head” wasn’t enough to grab your attention, maybe her vocals will. This is one of Torres’ most powerful releases to date and at times reminiscent of Johnette Napolitano and Concrete Blonde.

George Cables’ “I’ve Never Been In Love Before” is your Jazz Cut Of The Week. There’s some swinging piano throughout that makes this one perfect for that weekend cookout.

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