Mutt Lange Originally Sang "Do You Believe In Love"

Mutt Lange Originally Sang "Do You Believe In Love"

Robert John “Mutt” Lange is a producer/songwriter who is responsible for the original recording of what would one day become Huey Lewis and The News’ breakthrough single, “Do You Believe In Love.”

Originally called “We Both Believe In Love,” it was recorded by the band Supercharge in 1979, with Mutt on vocals, for Virgin Records.

After hearing the song with fresh ears I became convinced that Jeff Lynne, of ELO fame, produced the single with its lush keyboards and grand harmonies. I started looking into the track and realized that both Huey Lewis and the News and Bob Brown produced this track.

After much research I came across this tidbit, which brought it all full circle.

Mutt Lange inadvertently ripped off this track when he wrote the Huey Lewis & the News song “Do You Believe In Love?,” for their 1982 Picture This album. The verses have the same melody and the lyrics of the opening verse are remarkably similar. “I was walking down a one-way street; Just a looking for someone to meet; One woman who was looking for a man.”

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