Django Django Are The New Stone Roses

Django Django Are The New Stone Roses

Django Django are the new Stone Roses. They are creating beat-driven pop-rock for a new generation. “Kick Out The Devil” feels like an updated version of “Fools Gold.” No one is John Squire, but some of the guitar tones Vincent Neff (singer and guitarist) uses on Glowing In The Dark are eerily reminiscent of The Stone Roses debut album.

While they don’t yet have the pop sensibility of a “Sugar Spun Sister,” they have an experimental quality that the ‘Roses never quite accomplished. For reference check out the incredibly catchy single, “Free From Gravity.” I could go on and on with comparisons but I’ll just say that their catalog is worth exploring.

Original music is hard to come by these days but somehow Django Django keeps putting out songs that stand on their own and test the boundaries of rock music.

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