Training For A Half Marathon With iFit's Tommy Rivers Puzey

I’ve just completed training for a half marathon with iFit’s Tommy Rivers Puzey. Over 30 runs, and countless hours together, it was an amazing journey. Wherein, I felt like I made a new friend and an influence that pushed me daily towards new goals and worldly knowledge.

When the virus hit and shut everything down, my wife felt that the only way to stay sane was to get outside for a run through the city each morning. We live in Chicago and were fearful that once winter hit we would lose that option, due to selfish drivers and dangerous weather. So, we ordered a treadmill and subscribed to iFit. Little did I know how much my life would change from running with Rivs?

Towards the end of November, I hit the treadmill and decided to take a class with “Rivs,” as everyone calls him. I loved his demeanor, his candor, his passion for running and for life. He had an incredible knowledge of the topography and geography of each and every remote location he’s traversed. He even seemed to be a botanist of sorts, and possibly a history major. Regardless, I formed a love for this man and his runs. Even on days, I wasn’t supposed to run, I would do his walks, just to hear his voice and be inspired.

I just found another reason to want to run, and Rivs was the reason. After finishing his last training session I checked out the comments and realized he was recovering from a rare form of lung cancer (primary pulmonary NK/T-cell lymphoma). I was devastated.

For now, the man is in remission and word on the street is he is doing 100 pushups a day, but I want to support the man in any way I can. I just bought a hoodie to have him with me on those big runs, and to offer up any support that I can. Leaders like Tommy are hard to come by anymore. Finding folks with a passion for life? Even harder.

You can support Rivs by donating to his GoFundMe campaign or you can buy a “Run with Rivs” T-shirt or “Team Rivs” skull and crossbones hat from Tommy’s sponsor, Craft.

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