Release Radar 04/16/21 - Liz Phair vs San Holo

Release Radar 04/16/21 - Liz Phair vs San Holo

Spring is in the air, tulips are towering, and baseballs are flying.

Liz Phair has a new album on the horizon called Soberish. It will be her 7th, released on June 4th. Her latest single, “Spanish Doors,” reminds me of a cut, off of her debut, Exile In Guyville. I think having Brad Wood back at the helm is bringing out the best in Phair.

COIN’s latest is some of their best. “How it Feels” is a breezy slice of pop that doesn’t seem forced. I got word of these kids through Hippo Campus Radio, on Spotify, and they’ve been a steady follow since.

“Here and Now” is a jam, a near nine-minute jam. A journey of sorts that you should take when your mind is free of distraction. Nick Kerkhoff delivers your Jazz Cut Of The Week. Will you help him see his mission through?

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