Release Radar 04/09/21 - Mating Ritual vs Twenty One Pilots

Release Radar 04/09/21 - Mating Ritual vs Twenty One Pilots

Mating Ritual was on my #RADAR again this week. They’ve continued to impress me with their songwriting, and “I’m Not Crazy” is one that gets better with each listen. Stick around for the climax, the best part is towards the end.

Have Twenty One Pilots gone pop, or were they always pop? “Shy Away” might be their most radio-friendly single yet, and I’m not complaining. It’s a great song and my favorite cut from this week’s batch of new tunes.

Starstruck’s “Years & Years” was a pleasant surprise in my Release Radar this week. The artist behind the music, Olly Alexander, is new to me, though the original band’s first studio album, Communion, was the fastest-selling debut of 2015 in the UK. Considered electropop, there’s a Prince aesthetic running through this dance gem.

Super producer and multi-instrumentalist, Rostam, returns with a new strummer “Changephobia.” It’s got a sunny vibe and some fantastic horns, which is par for his course.

Bebel Gilberto and Joyce Muniz come together for your Jazz Cut Of The Week. There’s a tribal vibe mixed in, but isn’t that what jazz is about, no rules?

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