Release Radar 04/02/21 - Chet Baker vs Caveman

Release Radar 04/02/21 - Chet Baker vs Caveman

Between Spring Break and Easter, I somehow lost a step. I lost track of time, as the days ran together. I hope your Friday was good.

This week we start with your Jazz Song Of The Week because the man who brought me into this world was none other than Chet Baker. “My Funny Valentine,” or “Bernie’s Tune” has a special place in my heart, though I’m not sure that the same can be said for my wife? Every time Alexa plays this classic with fervor, the old battle-ax breathes an unsatisfactory sigh. Well, her loss.

These Amy Winehouse cuts from, At The BBC are downright magical, bordering perfection. What a voice! On these songs, her soul feels like it’s 67, not 27. She grew up around a family of credited jazz musicians and attended lofty music schools, diligently practicing her craft. In less than 30 years, she became a vocal force that most don’t ever achieve. Full of grit, desire, and love, Amy evokes feelings of life and loss that will continue to inspire for decades.

Caveman released the coolest song this week. “Helpless” jumps off the page and never lets go of your attention during this keyboard-driven jaunt that feels like a quick 4 minutes.

A while back I wrote about Steve Winwood’s “While You See A Chance.” A song that struck me all these years later, that I again fell in love with. So, I smiled when I saw JR JR had covered “Higher Love” this week. It seems the man continues to influence us all with his music.

Finally, I leave you with the latest single from half•alive, “What’s Wrong.” They want you to listen with fresh ears and not judge their latest as a second, sophomore effort, but a new chapter. Do you think you can do that?

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