"My Octopus Teacher" Opens Beautiful, Brave New Worlds

"My Octopus Teacher" Opens Beautiful, Brave New Worlds

There is a scene in My Octopus Teacher, a Netflix documentary, where filmmaker, Craig Foster, hugs an octopus. It’s the same octopus that he gets to know intimately over the course of a year, and the one that he followed around a South African, underwater kelp forest.

It’s an extraordinary documentary, that every human should see. Ripe with majestic underwater views never before seen. Craig’s knowledge and bravery in the ocean is unparalleled, and the relationship he forms with a ghastly shapeshifter is a beautiful experience, history in the making.

The biggest takeaway from this documentary was that a sea creature can think this deeply, and have a close relationship with a human. Most of us never knew this was possible, and there’s something magical about watching “her,” as Craig called her in the film, wrap it’s tentacles around a human being in an embrace.

Watch her eyes as she exudes millions of emotions with the opening and closing of her eyelids, and enjoy this year-long journey as man follows squid, and you get to witness everything in between. This is a must see for every family.

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