Hippo Campus Singer Drops Solo Project "Lupin"

Hippo Campus Singer Drops Solo Project "Lupin"

I saw the Sessions email that Lupin was doing a Livestream when Covid first started, but had no idea who that was and why I was being notified? After my brother sent me the Spotify link to “Vampire,” a week later, I knew I had made a mistake. “Oh,” I thought. “That was Lupin!?”

Jake Luppen, the lead singer of Hippo Campus, dropped a side project last year that many missed. Together with producer BJ Burton, he recorded an album of beat-infused, electronic, synth-pop while his band was on hiatus.

BJ had been wanting to do a record with me, we had always talked about doing it. The stars aligned where I was going through this life experience, the guys didn’t want to make another album right then, so I just dove in. I just made everything on my computer.” – Jake Luppen


There are some fun ideas on this side project, that lean closer to Hippo Campus (“Vampire”), while there are other songs that take patience on the listener’s part (“KO Kid”). Lupin is an experimental work in progress where the instrumental ideas are still being hashed out, as well as the vocal parts.

“With this project, I’m kind of pushing my voice to the places that would usually make me uncomfortable.”- Jake Luppen

Whether you are a fan of Hippo or not, this record is worth a listen. It doesn’t take the place of the band but gives little glimpses of what a solo career might look like for Jake.

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