Why Can't We Just Glue Barbie's Shoes On?

Why Can't We Just Glue Barbie's Shoes On?

As a stay-at-home father, and the housekeeper, I’ve been pondering a simple question, “Why can’t we just glue Barbie’s shoes on?”

Instead of vacuuming up all of those little pieces, why not just glue them all on? Then, when we sit down to play Barbie, they have the correct shoes on or any shoes for that matter. Maybe we could just superglue the accessories to their body as well.

Lately, for MBS (Mind, Body, and Soul) Time my youngest daughter has been asking to play Barbies’. At first, I kind of hated this idea, but after seeing how happy it makes her, I force myself to say, “Yes.” Sometimes she’ll pick out the Barbie that she wants me to play with, and sometimes she will let me make that choice on my own.

“Look, Ken has his shoes on!”

Regardless of who I end up voicing and giving life to, they usually, nine times out of ten, have no shoes, and/or missing clothing items. This drives me nuts. When I ask her, “Paige, where are her shoes?” She says, “I don’t know, somebody took them off.”

“These ladies have their shoes on as well!”

Herein lies the ultimate question: Is the fun of playing Barbie, taking the clothes off? I mean, if you glued the shoes on, would you take all the fun away? Just asking, for a friend.

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