Release Radar 3/26/21- The Kooks vs Amy Winehouse

Release Radar 3/26/21- The Kooks vs Amy Winehouse

Funny that another track from 2006 makes the top of my radar, but that would be the case with Amy Winehouse, and her gorgeous “Tears Dry On Their Own.” Performed live from the BBC with none other than Jools Holland, it reminds us of a voice we are desperately missing. We love you Amy, and “We’ll always have Paris.”

GBV can be hit or miss. There or a few albums I love and own in my vast collection of CDs, and there are many I’ve passed on. Their latest single “Trust Them Now” is one of their best in a long while. Straight-up rock and roll, and an example of what Bob Pollard does best when he stays on course.

McCartney and Beck, huh? Is it good? Yes. Is it amazing? No. You should listen, it might make a playlist.

“I want to start a family/Just to see if they can stand me. I’m not the smartest man.” Homeschool describes the plight of the “Smartest Man” and I’m hooked. Sometimes it’s good to listen before you look at the artist’s name.

“Brock vs Brown” sounds like a court case. This one involves Danny Brown and Brockhampton, with some Terminator X-like production value. Initially, the beat grabs you, but when the boys do their thing this track explodes. “Get the fuck out my ride!”

Your “Jazz Cut Of The Week” is called “Ask Me Later,” from Gathering in Jazz. Claus Waidtløw is the sax player who will be leading you through their latest EP, Southern Breeze.

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