Release Radar 3/19/21- Middle Kids vs Cypress Hill

The Middle Kids dropped their long-awaited sophomore album this week, Today We’re The Greatest and, because of all the EP’s released in between, there’s been no slump. Hannah Joy and Company offer another batch of pop-and-rock-goodness, just in time for Spring.

A nice little surprise in this week’s Release Radar is the return of De Lux and their new single, “On and On (Till The End of Us).” It’s one part New Order and one part LCD Soundsystem.

The biggest surprise this week though belongs to Cypress Hill and their new single “Champion Sound.” They sound incredible like they never lost a step on this new gem that gamers might recognize from MLB ’21.

Another cool announcement by the Cypress crew is a pre-order for the 30th Anniversary of their legendary self-titled release on green vinyl with a graphic novel. Take a look at this pic below and tell me you wouldn’t buy it if you had an extra $100 lying around?

it looks like Sting is releasing a Duets album, and this week he tweaks an original, turning it into an “Englishmen/African In New York.” Adding a slight reggae vibe behind artist Shirazee, it’s interesting, to say the least. I still like the original more, but the refresh is fun.

I’ve mentioned how much Teenage Fanclub has changed over the years, sounding grown, and for good reason. These days they are more The Byrds, than the rockers who wrote “Starsign.” “The Sun Won’t Shine On Me” is a breezy slice of Spring.

One of the most original tracks this week comes from Sir Sly. it feels a bit hiphop at first, before turning on its heels into an angry rocker. This is the Kid’s Playlist pick of the week.

Finally, your Jazz Cut Of The Week is by Throttle Elevator Music, called “Ice Windows.” Featuring Kamasi Washington, this group blurs the lines of punk and jazz and can be at times, more of a challenging jazz listen. But nevertheless, one you should check out.

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