Release Radar 2/12/21 - Liz Phair vs Willie Nelson

Release Radar 2/12/21 - Liz Phair vs Willie Nelson

Chicago is in a deep freeze, and a quick look at the forecast shows no sign of a thaw. Welcome to another week of Release Radar, where we discuss all the new goodies in our New Music Friday basket.

First up, a new single from Liz Phair? Yes, that was a question. I had no idea she was working on new music, but here it is. This one might take a bit of getting used to, and maybe that’s a good thing? Her new album, Soberish, is due out in March.

Kings of Leon are prepping a new album as well, and these first two singles, including their latest, “Echoing,” have been old school bangers. They’ve had a lot of time to work on their 8th record and I suspect it’s going to be sex-on-fire.


More new Middle Kids this week. “Cellophane” is a bit slower than their normal pop-rock, but I’m a fan of anything they do at this point. They also have an album coming out in March, which is going to be the biggest month of the year for new music (read above).

“The Balcony” is my favorite thing the Fruit Bats have released in a while. Simple, shimmering pop music is hard to beat!


Shakey Graves released a really interesting single this week, “Roll The Bones.” It’s a spooky, fingerpicked gambit that hints at The White Stripes yet is unlike anything I’ve ever heard.

Rod Stewart took to Instagram to tell his fans he’s put together a special Valentine’s Day playlist he hopes you’ll hear. I’m listening to “Careless For Our Love” for the first time, and I have to admit, I actually like it.

This Willie Nelson track, featuring Diana Krall, feels new and sounds fantastic. It seems like Willie is the one being featured though, trying to keep up with Diana on one of her jazzy numbers.  There you go, that’s your “Jazz Cut Of The Week.”

Smile, it feels good.

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