Healy's "Tungsten" Sounds More Mature & Subdued

Healy's "Tungsten" Sounds More Mature & Subdued

Rapper, singer, and songwriter Healy has always proffered a chill vibe, but on his latest album Tungsten, he’s taken a turn into the subdued.

I remember seeing him live, loving his flow, and the funky rhythms he brought to the table.

Now, 4 years, and 2 albums later, he’s winding down a bit. I don’t mean getting old, I mean maturing. The musicality seems more intricate, and the songs are less about hip-hop and more about the idea. His creativeness is still intact, but these days he’s singing more and producing dense, varied musical arrangements.

While “Nikes On” feels traditional for Healy, “Everything’s Fine” is drawn out, and saturated with vocal effects. On the latter he has a moment of enlightenment, taking responsibility for his actions and past mistakes.

“Guess I’m alright, haven’t lashed out in such a long time/Closin’ my eyes helps hold my pride

“Back On The Fence (featuring Becky and the Birds),” saves the album before its chill vibe sputters into morose. The freewheeling Healy we know and love returns, screaming, “Okay,” as the funky keys get us up and moving again.

On Tungsten, Healy is letting the songs go where they take him. He shows patience and restraint, which allows himself the room he needs to explore new avenues.

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