Release Radar 1/15/21 - Pete Yorn vs Sting

Release Radar 1/15/21 - Pete Yorn vs Sting

Hello, cruel world! The snow is falling in Chicago and it looks gorgeous from the basement window. A fresh blanket of white covers the city dirt.

So good to see Pete Yorn in my Release Radar this Friday morning. He adds his own special touch to Kirsty MacColl's "They Don't Know." Marc “Doc” Dauer is playing drums and producing the track, and I have to say I'm a fan. It actually made me go back and listen to the original, which still sounds innocent and sweet.

Speaking of covers, Sting's version of "Tempted," is spot on. So much so, that I had to double-check that it wasn't Paul Carrack and Squeeze. Taken from a 22-song, expanded edition of The Soul Cages, which includes outtakes, remixes, and a few live tracks that will give us all enough reason to listen back to that classic album. Here's a cool tidbit about "Tempted," that I found while researching the songwriters.

Unlike other Squeeze songs, which are sung usually by guitarist/songwriter Glenn Tilbrook or less often by guitarist/lyricist Chris Difford, the song's lead vocal is sung by keyboardist Paul Carrack, though Tilbrook and co-producer Elvis Costello also trade a few lines in the second verse (in the video and during live performances Difford sings the Costello parts; since Carrack's departure, Tilbrook has sung the lead vocal as well as his own original lines when live). The song was written by Difford and Tilbrook. -Wiki


The Middle Kids have a knack for writing big hooks with soaring melodies. Hannah Joy's vocals seem effortless, her strumming never forced. There's a subtle beauty in "Questions," and I love the incorporation of horns on the bridge.

Today Were The Greatest is due out on the 19th of March. After hearing their first single "R U 4 Me?," from the forthcoming album, last month, the spring release can't come quick enough.

Jelani is back with his latest single, which furthers his Julian Casablancas, Strokes-like vocal phrasing, and lackadaisical vibe. He is such a talent and always piques my interest. "Angels" does not disappoint.

Declan McKenna has his "Rapture" remixed and it's a banger. He's matured so quickly, and yet, has his whole life in front of him. I love the falsetto he delivers on the chorus, it's hard to deny something so endearing.


Your "Jazz Cut Of The Week" is from Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra. A cut called "Out Amongst The People (for J Bat)" off the 8-song album The Democracy! Suite.

“The question that confronts us right now as a nation is, ‘Do we want to find a better way?’” Marsalis says.

There it is, a jazz musician solving all the problems of our world, or at least trying.

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