Release Radar 12/4/20- San Holo vs Samia

Release Radar 12/4/20- San Holo vs Samia

When I do my year-end roundup of best albums, San Holo’s Stay Vibrant will be on it. That album was supposedly a work in progress, but it looks like that work just ended with his new single, “bb u ok?” Not bad after one listen, but from here on out, I expect big things from this man.

I had no idea who Samia was until now, thanks to the remix of “Stellate” by The Districts. Her voice screams youth, with a power and a vulnerability that is all her own. I’m a fan now, venturing down the rabbit hole, with “Big Wheel,” and “Something In The Movies,” she is one to watch.

Royal Blood vs Run The Jewels? Yes, please. This collaboration works really well, and it’s gonna be on every playlist this side of the Mississippi. Matter of fact, this brings me back to the days of that Rap/Rock album, Judgment Night.


The Postal Service show up this week with a live version of “Sleeping In.” It’s a treat having them in our Release Radar, where we can relive those memories of that perfect album, Give Up, they made 17 years ago. Their live album Everything Will Change is out today, December 4, via Sub Pop Records, and streaming on Spotify.

Jimmy Buffet’s daughter,¬†Delaney Buffett, is a filmmaker who took 15 songs “that have rarely been played in concert,” and turned them into videos, where Jimmy plays live and gives details about writing each song. The videos are on Facebook, and the songs are now on Spotify.

I haven’t heard from Aer in a long time so you could imagine my surprise when they showed up with Surfer Girl on this “Little Green Eyes” track. Turns out Surfer Girl is the latest side project from Aer frontman, Carter Reeves, who is now moving into reggae, with an EP due out in 2021.


This “Mettawave” track from Break Science and Co. has a great vibe, letting your mind roam free, so you can write or read without thinking too hard.

Your “Jazz Cut Of The Week” is by none other than Dave Brubeck and his famous quartet. From an album entitled Time Outtakes, “Strange Meadowlark,” springs thought-provoking, reflective magic that is just what the doctor ordered for this sunny, Friday morning. The warmth of that fireball means everything on these Chicago winter days that are 40 degrees and below.

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