Release Radar 11/27/20- Felly vs Chet Baker

Release Radar 11/27/20- Felly vs Chet Baker

What is one of your greatest Christmas treasures? That is the question our church was asking this week, and it got me thinking about my life, and what I treasure. As far as decorations for the holidays go, we have a lot of stuff but much of it is not important or sentimental. I’ll leave you with that thought.

Felly has continued to grow with each release, as an artist and a musician. I love the vibe on “Sunday,” showing tremendous growth from his early rapping days, to his latest tenure as a singer. It seems like both facets have collided on one of his best songs to date!

“The Only One I Know” has been around for 30 years now, but I love what Tim Burgess, and his new band, have done with the song, making it sound fresh again.


One of my favorite tracks this week is “All About You (Featuring Foster The People)” by The Knocks. It has a Brit Pop feel, at times even reminiscent of the shoegaze sound I grew up with.

It’s been a while since I heard The Game, and he wastes zero time reinstating his value in said game. Lil Wayne is here as well on “A.I. With The Braids,” but Game wins, no doubt. Can you catch the Em reference he uses, from “Way I Am?” while taking the Kardashians to task? It’s pretty ruthless and I would expect nothing less from the Compton M.C.

How about some island music, or a bit of reggae? Maybe we all could benefit from a little more sunshine at the moment? Whatever it is, The Black Seeds are a breath of fresh air here on “Raised With Love.” “I don’t want to live to fight. I want to fight to live. Dreams are the only thing they can’t take away.”


Your “Jazz Cut Of The Week” is from my man Chet Baker, who just dropped a 43-song live set on Spotify, entitled Live From Paris. Dig in, and go deep. “Alexa, play Chet Baker, Live From Paris!”

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