Release Radar 11/20/20- Trashcan Sinatras vs JR JR

Release Radar 11/20/20- Trashcan Sinatras vs JR JR

It’s November 20th, and we are still witnessing 60-degree temps, what a glorious thing. As I write this, the sun is out, the door is open and the streets of Chicago are busy with walkers and runners.

One of my all-time favorite bands surprisingly ended up in my Release Radar this week. I knew the Trashcan Sinatras were working on new music, but I hadn’t seen a release date. Well, today is as good as any other. “Ways” is typical Trashcan fare, with great lyrics and easy, breezy pop arrangements, with their original stamp.

“Take What You Need” is a killer little ditty from JR JR,  who just released a double album in 2019, and are already back at it in 2020. At times it reminds me of Vampire Weekend, with a hint of My Morning Jacket. If you’re not familiar with either of these two bands, now is a perfect time.

Radiator Hospital has a sound similar to the Local Natives, but that doesn’t stop them from carving out their own niche on this EP from 2020, New Depression.


This song by Marina has some really powerful lyrics, including the chorus, “I don’t want to live in a man’s world anymore.” There’s a lot to ponder as you listen to all the reasons why a “Man’s World” is holding many people back. It took me a few listens to decipher all of her points, but it’s something we all should consider.

Another female voice I’m liking this week is Gretchen Parlato and her song “Wonderful.” There is some magic going on here for sure, in her creamy delivery and the funky instrumental behind her.


Bleachers are back collaborating with the boss. No, not Tony Danza, the other Boss, Bruce Springsteen. It’s a very cool, retro-sounding performance that will definitely make some playlists.

Another Jazz Cut Of The Week with Jack Jezzro? Why not? He just released “A Marshmallow World” and when I heard it this morning I had to smile. I do like Christmas music, especially new songs, they make the holiday that much better, and give us a much-needed break from all those classics if you will.

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