Release Radar 11/13/20: Aesop Rock vs Morrissey

Release Radar 11/13/20: Aesop Rock vs Morrissey

As the Christmas releases flutter out, the remixes ramp up and the greatest hits gift packages take root.

I can’t remember the last time an important album came out in November or December, save for Donald Glover’s amazing Because The Internet, which was released on December 10th, 2013. It became my favorite album of 2014, the one that I listened to most.

Never fear music lovers, “Ace Rizzle,” is here! The hip-hop titan has returned to keep us from the doldrums of repackaged releases. Aesop Rock has just released a new full-length record, today (November 13th), called Spirit World Field Guide. What a surprise! I can’t wait to spend some time with Aesop. His guest appearance on Felt 4 U’s “Hologram” cemented his status as one of the most eccentric, fastest spitting rappers in the game.

Morrissey finally released his live cover of T Rex’s “Cosmic Dancer” where David Bowie, of all people, makes an appearance. Taken from a show at the Los Angeles Forum back in 1991, it’s fantastic, and you can hear how pleased the crowd is. I get cold chills when Bowie’s baritone comes in subtly from behind and harmonizes with Moz.

The “Cosmic Dancer” cover will be Morrissey’s new seven-inch single, due out February 21st via Parlaphone. The B-side will feature a “newer” 2020 take on the Jam’s “That’s Entertainment,” recorded with his latest band.


Caskey and Yelawolf deliver great verses on “McQueen Fiend,” while Joey Bada$$ makes a cool cameo on Phony Ppl’s “On My Shit.”

Run The Jewels drop “No Save Point,” from Cyberpunk 2077. I hope these guys keep pumping us full of lead, as Mike and El have really found their niche.


Peter, Bjorn, and John release a beautiful new single called “Season Of Defiance” just before the holidays. Is there a new record on the horizon?

Before we go you need that Jazz Cut Of The Week. How about “Maurice,” a piece from Joshua Jaswon?

The Guildhall-trained musician, and his octet, wrote this one about the climate crisis, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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