Atmosphere And "The Day Before Halloween"

Atmosphere And "The Day Before Halloween"

As I was prepping for my weekly Release Radar post, I noticed my man Atmosphere in the rundown. Cool, maybe Slug and Ant released a new single from their forthcoming record? “No dummy,” I thought. It dawned on me, the album is called The Day Before Halloween. Sure as shit, I went to the artist’s page on Spotify, and there lie the full-length album. So, I jumped on Twitter, and it looked as if the vinyl was out everywhere too?

Reckless: “Hello, Reckless!”

Me:Hi! Do you guys have the new Atmosphere album, ‘The Day Before Halloween?’

Reckless: Yes. We have a few copies. Is that all you needed?

Me: No. Can you pull a self-titled ‘Menthol’ CD and have it ready by 6:30pm?

Reckless: “Yeah. I think we can. Hold on a sec. Yep, I’ll have it ready at 6:30pm.”

Me: “Jen, can I run to Reckless?”

Mom: “Yes.”

Me: “Boom!”


Here it is in all its glory, The Day Before Halloween, and here I go with the third listen. After cleaning the guts of four pumpkins, I’m getting that “me time.” It’s a fantastic voyage. One of introspection, and joy. Some rappers are a flash in the pan, while others stand the test of time. Fans come and go too, but if you’re an artist, the true listeners come back. This is an album that had to be made. Atmosphere laid his soul bare for all to hear, and we received this gift the night before Halloween. Feel free to explore the space, no cowbell needed.

“You said that you’re concerned that I suffer from depression/I said that I think you’re reaching for a weapon.” -“Space Is Safe”

“My name ain’t known in the traps of the streets, but it rolls off the tongue like “Fuck The Police.”‘ -“She Loves My Not”

“Put your hands in the air and hit follow/What a time to be alive and scared for tomorrow.” –“She Loves My Not”

“I’m such a passive aggressifist/Wе practice abstinence, it’s for thе best I guess.” -“Stardust”


Enjoy the moment, Happy Halloween!

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