Update: Lacoste Face Masks Are Sold Out!

Update: Lacoste Face Masks Are Sold Out!

I wrote a post yesterday about Lacoste masks and whether they were worth the money: 3 for $50?

Well, the Lacoste face masks sold out. So, it appears, a lot of people thought they were worth the money.

I’m not here to judge. As a matter of fact, I LIKED the masks. I felt compelled to write about them because I, myself, was conflicted about making this purchase. Essentially, this is fashion over form. I love fashion, but I have plenty of form, masks, at home. Do I have a Lacoste mask, with the cool American-Flag-Alligator, no?


I wanted it, but I couldn’t see myself spending the money, so I put the choice in your hands. “I Love Lacoste, But Is $50 For 3 Masks Exploitation?”

You, the public, responded with your money and the masks are now sold out! If you bought these, please send any pics you have wearing them, with any comments about how they function. Whether you like them or not. I would love to hear your feelings.


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