Release Radar 5/15/20-Dion vs Thao & The Get Down

Release Radar 5/15/20-Dion vs Thao & The Get Down

A few screamers to get to, but first let’s make a little magic happen with Dion, Van Morrisson, and Joe Louis Walker. I have the blues this week, and “I Got Nothin'” is just the cure. It’s swinging, funky, and a bit dark. I picture myself in a small, dimly lit, Chicago club as the band opens their bluesy, intimate set.

Thao & The Get Down return with a nice piece of prog-rock called, “Temples.” This wasn’t actually in my RADAR, but SeriusXMU was debuting it and I thought, “It should have been in my new releases?” She’s always had an incredible knack for songwriting and her band gets what she is shooting for. I hear Florence and the Machine, I hear Kate Bush, and I hear the oddness of Bjork.

While we are talking about Thao, check out this rad video dance she did for her single, “Phenom.” Interestingly enough, last year at Lolla, I saw several acts with interpretive dancers. I think this is a thing now, and I’m a fan. Any way of making live music more interesting is cool with me. For a moment I thought she was covering Cool J here.

Charli XCX returns and I think I like the album cover better than the single, “Enemy.”


It’s catchy but it seems lackadaisical for somebody of her caliber. Good god is she sexy, though. It’s hard not to like anything she does.

What a nice surprise, new Jayhawks music! It starts a bit slow but picks up pace, and they do what they do best, showcasing sweet harmonies and big choruses.


Some newer acts have returned to my RADAR and this is good news. Vacation Manor continues their consistent string of songwriting on “If Only For Tonight,” while Everything Everything gives us a groovy track in “Arch Enemy.” Both bands have caught my attention and kept it.

Two Door Cinema covers John Lennon’s “Isolation,” which I surprisingly liked, and we get more San Holo.

For the last month, San Holo has been dropping track after track on us, and I can no longer ignore his genius. Last week, we got “We’re All Just On Our Way Home,” and it’s still blowing my mind.


Gizmo Varillas ended up in my Release Radar this week, and I’m not sure how? Though I’m glad he did, as “Born Again” is a fun song. It has a bit of a disco feel but sounds natural for his style.

Jazz meets hiphop somewhere in the middle on “Push Right Thru,” and guess who’s right there? Maverick Sabre. Remember that name folks, he blew me away when he played Schubas this last time, and he’s always got his hand in every new project. Stay tuned.


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