Release Radar: 5/1/20 Mt. Joy vs The Hunna

Release Radar: 5/1/20 Mt. Joy vs The Hunna

These are definitely “Dark Times” that we are living through. At first, listen I was wondering what the fuck this Hunna track is about? Now I’m wrapping my head around it. First listens have me skeptical, but I like it. These guys write big pop songs, and this isn’t much different, so I can appreciate this conscious rocker.

“Each time I think about it/All it does and take me low
It’s overwhelming/Doesn’t anybody out there have a soul?/I see so much damn evil.”

This week Mt. Joy ends up in my radar showing off another song from their latest EP, Death.

This new single from Ghostface, “Bill Clinton” is fire! Maybe his best in a while? Hold up, this is a Peter Jackson cut? Holy shit, I had no idea this person existed? He can hold his own on this track with ‘Face that’s for sure, and I love the idea for this song! Bill Clinton? Word!


HAIM is here as well with “I Know I’m Alone,”  an upbeat, dancey number that comes off a bit ’80’s and a bit 2020. I’m pretty much a fan of whatever they do.


We talked about Car Seat’s new record last week, and after two doses of their latest, “Famous,” I’m all in. This might be the most heartfelt thing we’ve heard from this posse yet, and I’m still contemplating the colored vinyl.


I can no longer ignore any single involving Maverick Sabre. His voice is so powerful and so are his ideas, vocally and lyrically. I really like this single from SHY FX, and Mav knows how to croon a soulful jam.

De Lux is slowly putting together one hell of an album. Four or five singles in and I’m just loving their vibe. “Dancing Is Dangerous In Los Angeles” is no different, running game between Talking Heads and LCD. The guys are dedicating all the proceeds from this single to the Fingerprints Record store, in Longbeach, California. Where’s the vinyl? I’m in!

The sexy, sultry Norah Jones releases “Trying To Keep It Together.” Is this an ode to sheltering in place? Achers Of Loaf cover the Stones “Street Fighting Man,” and this Foreign/National track could be the sleeper of the week! Experimental, almost on the level of Livemuthaforya.


That jazzy vibe this week comes from Mr. Gregory Porter. Love them pipes, and I love them horns. “Rise, rise, rise!”

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