WTF Writes "Fly Like An Eagle?" Steve Miller, That's Who!

WTF Writes "Fly Like An Eagle?" Steve Miller, That's Who!

Who the fuck writes “Fly Like An Eagle?”

Steve Miller, that’s who! I think we’ve taken the song for granted far too long.
Tonight I had an epiphany and couldn’t stop singing the hook. Then, the thought occurred to me, “Man, who writes a song like this?” …and how?

It’s a moving thought, turned song.

“I wanna fly like an eagle, To the sea/Fly like an eagle, Let my spirit carry me
I want to fly like an eagle, ‘Till I’m free/Oh, Lord, through the revolution”-Steve Miller

The album went down as the best record of 1976 and still ends up in every Best Of list written. But the song finally spoke to me the other night, and I appreciated it for the soulful rocker that it is. It used to be “our parents” song, being heard in the background as the soundtrack to their lives. At cookouts, on the radio, and in movies. But after being struck by the deeper meaning in it, it will also be mine.


I want to extract a copy of this masterpiece from the cutouts, as it contains two of my other favorite SMB songs, “Take the Money and Run” and “Rock’n Me.”

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