The Gorillaz And Peter Hook Go All New Order On "Aries"

Just when I thought the Gorillaz went all New Order on us, well, it seems they did.

There’s one very simple reason behind this: Peter Hook is playing bass on their latest track, “Aries.”

I wrote about this track in my weekly blog post called Release Radar. where I talked about an original member of New Order guesting on the latest Gorillaz track. I also mentioned how nice it was to hear Damon really sing again, as I missed his voice.


I’ve become more excited about the track as the week has worn on, and during today’s jog, post-spring snowstorm, it hit me. I decided to check the track and as it scrolled across my screen, it said “Aries (featuring Peter Hook and Georgia).” That’s why it sounds so much like New Order.

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