Daylight Savings Come And Waste Another Year

Daylight Savings Come And Waste Another Year

“Welcome to the moment many of us dread twice a year when the government unintentionally causes mass chaos by fiddling with our clocks.” -David Grasso

Now I know Adam Duritz is singing “Daylight fading…,” but I pretend he’s singing Daylight savings.”

“Daylight fading, Come and waste another year/All the anger and the eloquence are bleeding into fear
Moonlight creeping around the corners of our lawn/When we see the early signs that daylight’s fading
We leave just before it’s gone…” -Adam Duritz

Every year around this time it reminds those of us trudging through the four seasons, bitching about daylight savings, that the time is upon us. We need to turn those clocks ahead. Ughhh, just the thought stings.

Your body is fragile, it needs that extra 40 minutes of sleep. Otherwise, you know, you might die. Honestly, when we lose sleep, we die, or so statistics say. Many of them say that a little bit of sleep loss can kill you. Who would’ve thought?

Drowsy driving causes extra traffic accidents, while grogginess causes heart attacks, strokes, and a loss of productivity at work. I’m sure, the next day no one is feeling good, as your body clock is off. This year it falls on a Sunday; is that good or bad?

Daylight Saving Time was originally concocted as a way to save energy and implemented during World War I in Germany. It’s no longer saving anyone power, but crime numbers decrease with more light, supposedly. Also, daylight hours see more people exercising, so, that’s a GREAT thing.

‚ÄúSpringing Forward,” and then “Falling Back” seems bad for everyone.

Good luck tomorrow, it’s Sunday, so take the time to recharge, because the world needs a fresh you.

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