Young Jesus "The Whole Thing Is Just There"

Young Jesus "The Whole Thing Is Just There"

Young Jesus didn’t just create a couple of great songs when they recorded The Whole Thing Is Just There, they produced a listening experience.

From the first power chords of “Deterritory,” to the last, dissipating distortion of “Gulf.”

All six songs flow together like one long opus. It builds and builds, crescendos and crashes.
“Fourth Zone of Gaites,” is the calm before the storm. Your perceived safety is just that.

Soon you’ll be swinging to “Bell,” and your Downward Is Heavenward moment is right upon you.

Dammit if you think we will be lulled into occupation, “For Nanna” changes course, and we are about to reach maximum overdrive. “I won’t see you anymore.”

The Saddle Creek art-rock band has perfected this structured chaos, which at times is eerily reminiscent of the Champaign rockers Hum. This type of music isn’t created for a playlist. Thre’s no quick payoff. But if you have time, the journey is worth it.


Take “Gulf” for instance, at 16:21, the crest is visible and the wave is ridden out on some fingerpicked distortion. Yes, the song is 20 minutes long, but it’s a beautiful, emotional ride. “Walking down the street I can see the gulf.”

The Whole Thing Is Just There was found in the cut outs, and I took a chance on it. Then I was watching the OA


and there, playing in the background, is “Deterritory.” Coincidence? I think not. My mind is blown; life begins making sense.

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