Release Radar 2/21/20: Morrissey vs The Strokes

Release Radar 2/21/20: Morrissey vs The Strokes

Release Radar is very strong this week. It’s a week when all the big shots come out to play.

We have the third Morrissey single, the second taste of new music from Pearl Jam, and the third effort from The Districts. More music from The Strokes, and we finally have new music from Mount Joy; cue the bright sunbeams. They recorded one of my favorite records a few years back and I’ve still yet to see them play live. But, I love the way they write songs.

Morrissey continues with his consistent slew of singles, dropping the gorgeous “Knockabout World,” while The Strokes give us what we have been longing for in, “Bad Decisions,” a retro gem if you will. Go ahead, try not to sing the hook, “Making bad decisions,” I dare you!

I’m a huge Districts fan and this new single, “Velour and Velcro,” is classic fare, as opposed to their first two singles which seemed a but more progressive. I will say that “Cheap Regrets” is really starting to work for me. It took a bit, but I love that song now.

North Carolina’s Archers Of Loaf are back after 22 years, with “Raleigh Days,” and GBV’s “Always Gone” is a nice piece of pop.


COIN was a Spotify recommendation that I’ve come to appreciate. They turned up on Hippo Campus Radio, and I’ve been following them since. Their new record is called Dreamland, and it’s worth your time. Don’t miss the song “Youuu.”


Best Coast and The Weekend both return with quality songs, but the one standout that I wasn’t expecting is a new one from a band called Man Man and their single, “Cloud Nein.” It has a great, fun-loving vibe, that makes you smile.

“Will Always Love You,” brings The Avalanches and Blood Orange together. Devonté Hynes definitely puts his stamp on this thing, but I’m hearing some cool influences from The Avalanches as well. This one is a grower, so give it time.

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