For Claude Fontaine: Mix 1 Parts Bob Marley + 1 Parts Bebel Gilberto, Then Stir

For Claude Fontaine: Mix 1 Parts Bob Marley + 1 Parts Bebel Gilberto, Then Stir

I still think a good way of finding new music is shopping in a college record store. Many times throughout my life I have found myself asking the clerk, “What’s Playing?”

Though this never happens at the Reckless on Belmont, because they play shit that no one knows and that no one wants to know. I feel like employees there have a competition, “Who can play the worst music possible?” Honestly, the last time I was in the store I thought to myself, “I need to bring headphones.” No joke. That record store definitely challenges the listener…to not leave. But I digress.

My experience in Waiting Room Records always has me asking, “What’s Playing?” But the cool part is if you don’t want to converse with another human being, they always have the record or CD on display at the counter. This is how I found out about the mysterious Claude Fontaine. The girl at the counter was friendly, knowledgeable, and loved to talk music. She said the album had a reggae sound but also held some beautiful lounge moments. I was sold.


Claude Fontaine is an LA native, who followed her heart to London and ended up falling in love with reggae, bossa nova and Brazilian tropicalia. Her self-titled debut album features a star lineup of former Steel Pulse bassist Ronnie McQueen, onetime Astrud Gilberto drummer Airto Moreira, and Tony Chin, a reggae guitarist who worked on classic tracks with Dennis Brown and King Tubby. -KCRW Radio

I have not stopped listening to her self-titled album, Claude Fontaine, since last Saturday when I was introduced to it. With a star-studded lineup of musicians who have played with the greats, Claude’s feel for the many different styles is authentic. It doesn’t hurt that she has the pipes of an angel.

“Cry For Another,” and “Pretending He Was You,” are both great places to start. You will hear the reggae and the lounge, and you will want more.


Not a believer, yet? Take in a few minutes of her KCRW performance.

I’m in love.

Boogie. On. Reggae. Woman.

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