Two Reasons To Play The Smiths' "Hatful of Hollow"

Two Reasons To Play The Smiths' "Hatful of Hollow"

Hatful of Hollow has two unique versions of ‘Smiths songs that beg to be played. “This Charming Man,” and “Still Ill,” both from a BBC Session recorded for John Peel, in the fall of 1983, specifically on the 21st of September. Also included in those amazing sessions were, “Back to the Old House,” and “This Night Has Opened My Eyes.”

Johnny Marr’s harmonica on the intro to “Still Ill” screams Housemartins more than it does ‘Smiths. Even more special is his freewheeling guitar on “This Charming Man.” It seems the group came in together on this version, which creates this happier, easy-going moment that has never again been caught on tape, live, or in-studio.

If you’re a ‘Smiths fan then you know the album, and you probably know the exact nuances I’m referring to. If you’re just looking for an incredible listen all the way through, search out Hatful of Hollow, you can’t go wrong!

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