Release Radar 1/24/20: Cold War Kids vs Felly

Release Radar 1/24/20: Cold War Kids vs Felly

This week we welcome the return of Felly, with one of his best singles in a while, “Love and Fear.” His flow on this is smooth, and the content, love, is deep as well.

“Kiss me before I go/Let me know, You a rider.” -Felly

But, the highlight of this week might be the amazing Cold War Kids cover of George Michael’s “Freedom.” Man, I love this song. Then you bring CWK into the mix? What a cool combo, and a great version of the hit song from thirty years ago.

“All we have to do now /Is take these lies and make them true somehow.”-George Michael

Let us not forget the roaring new single from, Chicago’s own, Local H. The new record sounds very promising if “Turn The Bow” is any indication.

Who’s ready for a new single from PJ? Pearl Jam returns with something that borders dance and rock. I’m super excited for their double album, due out later this spring. We know from “Dance Of The Clairvoyants” they are breaking new ground, and this is a good thing.


Pixies return with a really cool demo for “Chapel Hill,” and we get more Bowie, which we just can’t get enough of.

Are you kidding me? Cage with Iggy? I’m in, let’s RAWK!

Finally, the Crystal Fighters seem to keep coming up with catchy, enduring songs. Today we get “By Your Side,” and I’m excited to see where this single takes us. I’m really feeling this “Wilson Remix.”

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