Release Radar 1/10/20: Drake vs Morrissey

Release Radar 1/10/20: Drake vs Morrissey

The drop on Friday morning is usually hit or miss, but this week’s Release Radar it’s too legit to quit.

Morrissey and Drake, are at the top, and then there’s Nada and Bowie.


Remember Nirvana covering, “The Man Who Sold The World?” Bowie’s original version is spectacular and must be heard.

Not sure why Drake even allowed Future on this track, because he just muddies what could be one of Drake’s best hooks in awhile. Wait, “Life Is Good” is a Future track? My bad, Future’s lucky to have him, otherwise this is a miss.

I love St. Vincent! “Lost Ageless” was the one that hooked me and then it was down the rabbit hole. Her Beck remix of “Uneventful Days” is not bad, but it’s De Lux that takes the cake this week! They went all LCD on dat ass, and it paid off! If you don’t know buddy, you’d better ask somebody.

Finally, Morrissey is back with his latest single, “Bobby, Don’t You Think They Know?” His band is firing on all cylinders these days and he’s putting out some strong songs. This is a promising lead single from his upcoming album, I Am Not A Dog On A Chain.

Ride me with me, peeps!

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