Night Moves Has Me Singing About "Mexico"

Night Moves Has Me Singing About "Mexico"
I’ve never wanted to sing about “Mexico” more since I heard this Night Moves tune.
Don’t you leave me, don’t go/There’s something around here I’m trying to outgrow
Alameda, Alameda. Don’t go/The silence around me, it pulls be below

“Alameda, Al-a-a-Alemeda-haaaa.” Try to stop, I dare you.

You have to have a knack for melody to take a word like “Alameda,” and turn it into pop gold.

Can You Really Find Me is filled with fantastic songs, all rife with big hooks. “Strands Align,” is another favorite.

While the chorus is reminiscent of Xanadu, there is also an MGMT quality here as well. Same goes for “Keep Me In Mind.” It’s very cool, what’s old is new again.


I’ve been enraptured with this listen from start to finish. From the eclectic “Coconut Grove” and it’s 80’s synths, to the Springsteen-ish “Angelina,” this album is worth your time. There’s good songwriting here and at times lead singer John Pelant feels like an old soul in a young man’s body. He wears his influences on his sleeve. You’ll get a lot a 70’s vibes, especially on “Waiting For The Time.”

So, I’m guessing their moniker was taken from the Bob Seger song?

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