Maverick Sabre Is Bringing His Warm Sounds To Schubas Back Room

Maverick Sabre Is Bringing His Warm Sounds To Schubas Back Room

Maverick Sabre is coming to the beautiful sounding back room of Schubas, which means you’ll have to leave the house on a Monday night.

I know, I know. You add snow and bitter cold to the mix, and almost no one wants to leave their homestead.

So start prepping yourself for the cold conditions now, you’ll be ready for the warm sounds of Mav and his team when they stroll through Chicago with their bag of goodies.

I’m talking about the jazzy, “A Mile Away,” or the bluesy, hip-hop tinged “Into Nirvana.” This guy has so many different styles in his arsenal, that you can’t put a label on him, and that’s a good thing. He’s the type of artist that you want to experience live, to hear his sound in an intimate setting. If there ever was such a place, Schubas is your Huckleberry.


The more you listen to his latest record, When I Wake Up, you realize the common denominator is his deep, soulful voice. “Guns In The Distance” feels like a protest song, where he showcases his flow in the verse, and his baritone in the chorus. Pleading for help he sings, “I can hear guns in the distance/Why don’t they listen?”

“Don’t Talk About It” has a reggae vibe, while “Slow Down,” with Jorja Smith, has 70’s soul written all over it, his voice smoky and rich.

I hear so many influences when he sings, that I could scrawl a never-ending list. Bob Seger, Sting, David Gray, Damien Dempsey, Peter Gabriel, and at times, Marvin Gaye.


I’m heading out to Schubas on Monday night to see who else he sounds like, and I hope you’ll join me.

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