Liz Cooper & The Stampede Live @ Schubas-3/8/19

Liz Cooper & The Stampede Live @ Schubas-3/8/19

Liz Cooper seems to have made the transition from wallflower to rockstar quite quickly. On a cold Friday night in Chicago, we witnessed a confident frontwoman, who commanded the attention of a packed Schubas back room.

A towering figure, clad in white leather boots, black pants, and a top with, what could only be described as, a racing stripe down the side.

Cooper looked the part, donning an outfit only a true rocker could pull off. But not only did she have the look, but she also had the chops, and the band, to back it up.

Working their way through most of the debut album, Liz and Co were impressive. Bass player Grant Prettyman and drummer Ryan Usher create a tight battery for Liz to work over. She built layers of lush guitar to accompany intricate rhythms and bouncing beats. Some clean fingerpicking, some distorted loops, and several effects pedals later, this crew proved an endearing combination.

“The Night” was lulling and beautiful, and had been my favorite song up until I heard “Dalai Lama” live; now it’s my favorite Stampede track.

Her voice quickly grabbed the attention of the room as she sang, “The Dalai Lama says I’m perfect/But my daddy says I’m not.”


So many thoughts come to mind as the song spirals through a trippy jam session. Possibly the highlight of the night.

“Motions,” “Mountain Men,” and “Outer Space” played close to the formula, while “Sleepyhead,” the album opener from Window Flowers, seemed a bit more rocking. They took this track to new heights, live, as it morphed into another lucid jam.


“Kaleidoscope Eyes,” followed me all the way home. The bassline is super groovy and Liz’s voice will steal your soul if given chance.

When the ‘Stampede come barreling through your neck of the woods, you’re gonna wanna catch a glimpse!


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