Liz Cooper Brings Her Warm Sound To The Windy City

Liz Cooper Brings Her Warm Sound To The Windy City

Are you wanting to break your cabin fever and get out of the house this weekend? Then I have the perfect plan for you.

Uber out into the cold this Friday night, then slip into the back room of Schubas, for the warm sounds of Liz Cooper and the Stampede.

I first heard this 3-piece from Nashville through the “Shuffle” feature on Spotify. The song “Modern Chemistry” came on, and I loved the vibe. When I looked at the artist name it actually listed two, Okey Dokey, and Liz Cooper and The Stampede.

So who was the female singer on that track that caught my ear? I had to find out more.

As I delved further, I came across this gem called, “The Night,” off of their debut LP Window Flowers.

It reminded me of several bands I grew up with, like the 10,000 Maniacs and Mazzy Star.


Further into the album, I was impressed with what I heard. I looked online to see if they might be coming to Chicago?

Would you believe they were playing, Schubas, my favorite music venue? Yep, it’s true!

So, I messaged a bunch of friends with the album link, and asked them to come check out this really cool band, “known for their electric live shows.

If anyone else in Chicago wants to join us, you should come out to Schubas tomorrow night (March 8th), as well. Or, at least spin a few of their tracks.


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