"It’s Called: Free Fall” By Rainbow Kitten Surprise

"It’s Called: Free Fall” By Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Rainbow Kitten Surprise came up on several Spotify generated playlists, that’s how I first heard of them.

Initially, I liked their sound, but felt it could be a bit too similar to Kings of Leon at times.

First I heard “Good Night Chicago,” picturing the Vic in my head, the song stuck with me. Then came “Cocaine Jesus,” and I was hooked.

“Listen in it isn’t when you’re talking for your name’s sake/Jesus, Mary Magdalene you are, are you okay?”

Those first few lines were enough to grab my attention, and that was it. I was off and singing.

While they do have a huge KOL influence, they definitely have their own sound and have grown leaps and bounds on their second record,  How To: Friend, Love, Freefall. Lead singer Sam Melo‘s rap skills are no joke, and he blends hip hop and pop rock as well as anyone to date. Add in some incredible lyrics and you got my new favorite jam. Maybe my new favorite band?

“Don’t get me venting on friends who resent you/‘Cause all you’ve ever done is been a noose to hang on to
They thought was a necklace and reckless they fell into hell /Where you both hang with nothing to do but…”

“It’s called: Free Fall,” and, damn, that shit is dope. That’s the song title. Cool, right? Pay attention to the lyrics, they are amazing. I’ve caught myself, on several occasions, singing “You could let it all go, you could let it all go.”

I love how he talks about being on the losing end of a friendship and that line about the devil needing time alone is awesome.

“even the devil need time alone sometimes…”

They are coming to Chicago this February with My. Joy, and it just might go down as the show of 2019.

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