Rolling Blackouts Write Catchy Pop On "Hope Dawns"

Rolling Blackouts Write Catchy Pop On "Hope Dawns"

“Lay back, sink in, You’re not talking straight/I’m right, this is sin, You’re not talking straight/Come around, give in, You’re not talking straight.”

If you’re like me, these lyrics from Talking Straight,” by the Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, have been rolling around your head for the last 6 months.

Now it’s “How Long.” A super catchy riff gives way to this lyrical gem, and I’m hooked again.

I can see it in your face, I can hear it in your voice/I know you’re not here for good fun. How long have you been on the run?”

I’m walking around the crib singing this to my girls, and they’re like, “Dad, stop! What are you singing anyway?”

See, I think I got them! Maybe they will listen to cool music one day, instead of my wife’s “Lightning, this is what you came for?”

…and then there’s “Sister’s Jeans.” Man, that riff, that slide guitar, that starts the addiction.

Their official second single was “Time In Common,” and it’s a banger. These mother f-ers know how to write a pop song. Their latest release, Hope Dawns, is full of catchy pop music, that you’ll want to sing along with. Thank me later…

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