Two Of My Favorite Bands Are Touring Together: The Districts & Hippo Campus

Two Of My Favorite Bands Are Touring Together: The Districts & Hippo Campus

It’s been no secret how much I love both The Districts and Hippo Campus. I’ve been very vocal to those around me. They are my two favorite bands, and now they are touring together.

I have pronounced my love for both bands several times on this blog. Feel free to take a gander below.

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…and that’s not even everything I have written about these two, young, trailblazing bands.

Both bands have grown tremendously on their latest releases. Hippo just released Bambi, a beat-driven pop record with gorgeous melodies, while The Districts have been touring relentlessly behind Popular Manipulations (best album title ever) which is pure adrenaline, rock and roll.

For those not familiar, here’s what’s going to happen. The Districts are going to come out and blow the doors off the place, with their brand of distorted rock. Then, Hippo will come on and play some of the funkiest pop music, this side of the Mississippi. It’s gonna be one for the ages!

Catch them in Milwaukee or Chicago this weekend, you won’t be disappointed. If you love rock music, you MUST see this show!

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