The Districts Leave Me Wanting More @ The Riviera-10/6/18

The Districts Leave Me Wanting More @ The Riviera-10/6/18
It was evident from The Districts set at The Riv, that they were working on new things. It definitely did not feel like they were touring behind any record, though one would think most of their material would’ve come from their latest release, Popular Manipulations.

There’s never a point of hearing “If Before I Wake” too many times. It’s the culmination of relentless songwriting, endless nights of rehearsal, and the pinnacle of their career. “Point,” and “Ordinary Day” have to be played too. We didn’t hear their other pseudo hit, “Peaches,” either. How do you like them apples?

When you have a limited amount of time to win over a crowd, or please the one that is there to see you, you bring out the big guns. You make Hippo Campus nervous about taking the stage after you. But I think the PA boys had other things in mind? Appease some of the longtime fans with some older rockers, instead of trying to be everything to everyone.


The opened with their latest single, “Nighttime Girls,” and went straight into them Popular Manipulations, “Violet,” and “Salt.” Lead guitar player Pat Cassidy gives this band a new sense of legitimacy, bringing an eerieness and an edginess to the music. Both songs sounded sonic, and I was left wanting more PM.

From the 4th and Roebling album, we got extended versions of “4th and Roebling” and “Long Distance,” with a few other songs scattered in between.

By the time The Districts were getting warm, the house lights came on. The set was way too short, for a band this accomplished.

I hope for their sake, they are getting paid well and getting some new exposure. In a perfect world, they play an hour longer.

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