Why I Never Listened To Coldplay's "X & Y"

Why I Never Listened To Coldplay's "X & Y"

I bought a mint copy of Coldplay’s X&Y from the cut outs at Waiting Room Records for a dollar. Today, some 13 years later, was the first time I heard it all the way through.


When it was released in 2005, I was dealing with severe Coldplay burnout.
You see my brother had got wind of Coldplay through the magic of Napster in 1999. Not only were we downloading all their imports, like blue_room_ep1The Blue Room EP, we were also getting live shows from small clubs all over Europe.

By the time Parachutes was released state side in 2000, we knew most of the songs. Of course, we all bought a copy of that CD, and so did the rest of the country. The lead single “Yellow” became a hit here.

Then came the monster album that was a A Rush Of Blood To The Head. At this point Coldplay became the biggest band on earth. “In My Place,” “Clocks,” and “The Scientist” were beaming from every radio station across the universe, every minute of the day. All great songs, and the album was fantastic, but I was done with Coldplay. I was burnt out on the style and the band. They were everyone else’s band, and I had heard enough.

Then came X&Y, and the “Speed Of Sound,”; fucking brilliant. It couldn’t get any better could it? Apparently so, with the release of one of the greatest pop songs ever written, “Fix You.” If it doesn’t touch your soul, you’re not human.

“Talk” was the third single from X&Y. Good, but nowhere near as good as “Fix You,” a goddamn masterpiece. Coldplay owned the airwaves, fuck, B96 was playing the single here in Chicago. I never did buy the record. I just figured their was nothing better on that record than the first two singles, and again, I was burnt out.

Now I’m record shopping in my wife’s hometown of Bloomington, Illinois and I come across a copy of X&Y and it appears to be brand spanking new. I figure it’s time for me to hear it.

I was right, those 3 singles were the best songs on it, but the final album cut “Till Kingdom Come” is a hidden gem. It’s Chris and an acoustic and it brings you right back to the Parachute days.

I guess this is why I was supposed to hear it, ’cause I can’t stop playing it.


Life is, after all, circular.

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