A Bucket List Beer Trip To Austin's Jester King Brewery

A Bucket List Beer Trip To Austin's Jester King Brewery

On this brewery trip, the long and winding road leads to Jester King. A mountainous, curvy, jaunt, with tight lanes, that land you squarely in the middle of nowhere. Or, as some might say, heaven.


Surrounded by horse farms and vast, open acreage of untouched land, Jester King is truly beautiful. With something for everybody, I can’t think of another brewery like it. Though, my wife said if the trip it was any longer she would’ve been sick to her stomach. I’m actually surprised that my two little girls didn’t get sick driving those u-shaped turns.


So who are these people trekking all the way out here for beer? They couldn’t be casual beer fans, could they? Yes, they could.


After our visit I can confirm that it’s people from all walks of life. Families, friends, children and adults. Celebrating parties and anniversaries. And yes, the beer nerd, the neck beard, the beer snob. The bucket list beer travelers are all present.


Jester King has been on my radar for a long time. They brew amazingly complex beers, with low ABV’s (Alcohol By Volume). Some would call them table beers, bière de table, meaning they are so light you can drink a few of them. I gather they can also be sipped with any meal, hence the term “table beer.”

Table Beer, or tafelbier, is low enough in alcohol that you could have a couple, yet still flavorful enough to accompany a robust dish.”-Allagash Brewing

You don’t want something with a high alcohol level if you are drinking several beers out in the hot Texas sun. For instance, a 10% DIPA (double IPA), or a 12% BA (Barrel-Aged) Stout, will serve you better on a cold Chicago night. When it’s 90+ degrees outside and the sun is beating down on your brow, you want easy drinking. So JK has masterered the farmhouse, the sour, and the fruity table beer.


For instance, Cloudfeeder, an ale brewed w/ honey, grapefruit, & lime, is something you could crush on a steamy afternoon.


Le Petit Prince, table beer, is light, crisp, and refreshing. Believe it or not, beer can be refreshing.


There really isn’t an indoor taproom, so the website tells you to dress for the weather. It’s slated as an “outdoor venue” and most of the drinking is done on the beautiful grounds surrounding the bar. You will wait in a line to get a beer, and that line will bring you into the bar area which is quiant yet beautiful. Rustic tap handles, an array of bottles, past and present, and other drinks for the person that doesn’t want beer.

Jester King is an experience that equates to more than beer. You’re not trapped in a little taproom, worried whether or not your kids are driving the hipsters nuts. Our daughters had a blast running around. When they tired from the heat, we did art projects under the great canopy.


Want to throw a frisbie, or a baseball? There’s a place for that. Want to grab a great slice of pizza? There’s a place for that as well. Check out Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza on premise, and check out all that Jester King Brewing has to offer. You’ll be happy you made the trip!

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