Short Fuse Brewing Has Enough Room For Everyone

Short Fuse Brewing Has Enough Room For Everyone

Short Fuse Brewing, in Schiller Park, has enough space (7500 square feet) for just about everyone. It’s possibly the biggest brew pub I’ve stepped foot in, besides Lagunitas, in the Chicagoland area.


There are two huge seating areas with couches in the front of the brewery, if you’re lucky enough to score one of these. They offer a ton of sunshine, plenty of room for kids to play, and a huge selection of board games.

The bar is one of the biggest I’ve seen. It runs the length of the building, and has flat screen TV’s along the way. You can definitely find a spot to belly up with your friends.


There’s a ton of seating (booths and high-top tables) if you don’t like either of the first options, and the men’s bathroom has a keg for a urinal. Have I peaked your interest yet?


The beers are good. They do a haze, or a Double Dry Hopped IPA, called “LOOSEY JUICY,”  with lots of grapefruit. You can grab it in 4-pack tallboy cans, if you can find it. A local bottle shop worker told me this has been “selling out fast.”

STEINBEIR,” a german offering, is heated with boiling rocks, giving it a bready taste, with a touch of roastiness.


BUTTERNUT TOUCH MY SQUASH” is an Amber Ale (6.1%) that’s more pleasant then your typical, spiced up pumpkin beer, but could benefit from more balance.

The “PURPLE JUICE CANNON” was also really interesting. Brewed with Grape, this Double NE Style finishes dry, but has a ton of tropical flavor.


Good news for folks who love their sours and barrel-aged beers too. Short Fuse has an extensive barrel program which you can read about below. There are only a handful of breweries in the area who have foeders (giant oak vats used for aging wine), so their line of sours should be promising.


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