Trashcan Sinatras "Ain't That Something"

The most underrated band of our time, The Trash Can Sinatras, put out one of the greatest comeback albums of the last century, last year.

The album was called Wild Pendulum, and it’s chalk full of great songs, that couldn’t sound any more relevant in 2017. It’s a full length album, that you want to listen to, all the way through. You remember those, right?

Anyway, I wrote about it then, “Trashcan Sinatras “Wild Pendulum” Was The Most Surprising Release of 2016,” and I’m writing about it again, almost a year later. Mostly because I’m still listening, heavily, to this record.

Case in point has to be, my latest crush, a single called “Ain’t That Something.”

“I see the Chinese lanterns sway in the evening of Frontier City at night. I see the cow hands walking along the boardwalk, Senoritas catching the light.”

It’s a spirited groove that makes you want to dance. Every time I hear it I smile. Upbeat, and meaningful, but I can’t put my finger on just what it sounds like?

Does it have a southwestern feel? Am I just picturing cowboys riding along the frontier because of the lyrics? Help me out…

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