Chemical Brothers "Come With Us"

Chemical Brothers "Come With Us"

I’m a fan of the Chemical Brothers. So, when I saw Come With Us in the cut out bins, I had to snag it!

Most of their stuff is packed full of big beats and catchy samples, and that’s how this records starts. “Come with Us,” is a typical Chemical’s banger, hip-hop vs dance rock!
I love Beth Orton, so slowing things down and using her voice on “The State Were In” is a welcome relief from the barrage of bass. The ending minutes of the song sound like something from a My Bloody Valentine record, entrancing and ethereal.

If you like Richard Ashcroft, or the Verve, you’ll love the closing cut. Ashcroft cut his singing teeth over moody, instrumental masterpieces (check the Verve), so he sounds right at home here on “The Test.”

The album is one of their best, and worth the cop, if you see it in the record shop.

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