Finally Purchased A Copy of Peter Murphy's "Deep"

Finally Purchased A Copy of Peter Murphy's "Deep"

Well, I did it. I finally broke down and purchased a copy of Peter Murphy’s Deep.  it was $0.50, and brand spanking new!

As a kid, I saw this record cover a lot. I heard the lead single “Cuts You Up” countless times on Chicago’s WXRT and saw the video, over and over, on MTV’s 120 Minutes. I’ve passed it up several times, but not last week. I figured it was time to see what all the fuss was about, some 26 years later.

After several listens, from start to finish, I’m hooked. Deep is more pop than goth, though it is dark at times.

Murphy has a deep baritone which takes some adjustment. But, on tunes like “Crystal Wrists” (reminiscent of INXS) he brings the light. Straight pop with shimmering guitars and that 90’s production that we grew up with.

It really is a great record, and now I understand why it’s his most prolific. To be honest, at times, it left me feeling disappointed in myself because I let labels and stereotypes keep me away from things that I would have otherwise loved.

On the redeeming side of things, I’m vindicated with the purchase and with each new listen. “Seven Veils” sounds a tad like Echo and the Bunnymen, and the rocking “The Line Between the Devil’s Teeth (And That Which Cannot Be Repeat)” has a Bowie feel. “Roll Call” has this EMF meets the Hoodoo Gurus thing going on.

Very much a sign of the times, and something that should have always been a part of my record collection. Yes, yes, yes! If you see this CD in the cut-outs, rescue it!

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