Bash & Pop's One & Only Album

Bash & Pop's One & Only Album

Following the breakup of the Replacements in 1991, bass player Tommy Stinson formed a band with a few of the remaining members and called it Bash & Pop.

Friday Night Is Killing Me, released in 1993, was the only studio album they recorded.¬† But, it’s definitely a gem worth hunting down, especially if you like that upbeat Replacement’s vibe.

Stinson, Singer/Guitarist of ‘Bash, said he wanted his new band to sound like The ‘Mats, to be free spirited and have fun.

“When The Replacements broke up, my original idea was to form a group that was basically the same thing the ‘Mats were early on, which was a spirited band with a good chemistry…but I never really found four people who shared that camaraderie.”-Tommy Stinson

Reading his quote you begin to realize that the group didn’t make it too long and fans were left with the loose and rocking Friday Night Is Killing Me.

The LP opener “Never Aim To Please” screams Replacements, setting the pace for the duration of the album.

Tie your “Loose Ends” up is the best listen on this project by far. Upbeat pop that he was accustomed to writing and playing with his old band mates.

“Fast & Hard” is another¬†Westerberg wannabe, but a great one, and “Friday Night Is Killing Me” sounds like a lost song from All Shook Down. “Tiny Pieces” shows originality, and what could’ve been.

And, well, there is that last single from the Clerks Soundtrack.

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