"Brewed the Easy Way?" Ninkasi Brewing Spoofs Super Bowl Commercial 

First we heard that Ninkasi Brewing spoofed the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial. And I cracked up.

I love the part of the video where the guy pours out a Bud on his head with no facial expression at all.

Also, it’s classic when they state “We leave the beechwood out!”

Now we find out that The Hideout in Grand Rapids is brewing a Peach Pumpkin Ale in response to that same commercial.

This Budweiser commercial was an easy target. Miller and Bud just don’t get it. They need a whole new plan. That Super Bowl commercial was the wrong route.

Guys if you’re reading this and you want to save your company; hire me. I will give your messed up look a whole new makeover!

Cheers to Ninkasi and Hideout for making beer fun…and GOOD!

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