The Shins-"Oh, Inverted World," For $1?

Artist/Album: The ShinsOh, Inverted World

Reason For Purchase: If you remember the movie Garden State, then you might remember the incredible soundtrack that followed?  This is where I first heard The Shins.

I’ll never forget those first chords of  “Caring Is Creepy.”

Well, first the eerie whistle, then the chords, and then the cold, high-pitched pipes of James Mercer. Which, have you instantly thinking, “Who is this?” Their sound was raw, fresh, and like nothing we’d previously heard.


Songs To Hear: Both songs from the Garden State soundtrack are great. “Caring Is Creepy,” and “New Slang,” stand out, even on this full length album. But, there are some other gems here that beg to be heard.

“The Celibate Life,” is a great pop song that showcases who The Shins would become. This is the legacy they had to live up to. “Know Your Onion!” is so Beatle-esque; you’ll know where I’m going with that comparison once you hear the chorus.

Also, “Girl On The Wing” is another favorite from this debut.

Why You Want It?: Great from start to finish. Shows the band at its most vulnerable stage.

Collection Worthy?: Yes. A disc you could throw on at anytime and enjoy, unless maybe you are looking for a dance party.

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