The Cut Out Kid Loves Waiting Room Records

The Cut Out Kid Loves Waiting Room Records

“These CD’s are $1 each.” I can’t tell you how happy that sign made me.

About once a month I hit up a record store and peruse the cut out bins.

This time I headed to Uptown Normal, IL, to the awesome expanse that is Waiting Room Records.

Record shopping is a favorite pastime of mine. I find special enjoyment in looking through old, dirty compact discs. Hoping to find one that is out of print, a special edition, or a disc that I don’t yet have from my favorite band.

Not only do the folks at Waiting Room have a nice section of cut outs, but they always have a ton of vinyl, t-shirts, and anything else you might expect from a world class record store.

This place is a must, if you are a still a fan of purchasing music.

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